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Name : Ribbon Plant

Scientific name : Dracaena Sanderiana (Green, Silver, Gold)


Place of Origin : Cameroon and Congo

Lucky bamboo is just sections of older stems, cut into various lengths, that develop roots at the lower joints and leaves from the upper joints. The stems themselves will not grow longer, but new offshoots could eventually become elongated stems.

Growing : Since lucky Bamboo does not have much pest problems, grown under full cover of the net (Slan) , for health concern of growers and customers therefore NO pesticides are used. Only basic organic fertilizers to help make the lucky bamboo grow better are used in our farms.

Phytosanitary Certificate : Since we are quite comfortable with our products. Customer can always ask for Phytosanitary Certificate to accompanied with the shipment.

Winter Time : We can prepare winter pack for shipping to customer in the cold area during winter time. Therefore we can ship the lucky bamboo to you all year round.

How long will it take to grow Lucky Bamboo ? and how long will it take for each step of the stem to grow. : Generally Lucky Bamboo will grow around 50 cm in 6 months. With approximately 10-12 steps. Therefore each step should take approximately 2-3 weeks to grow. This is under normal condition. Anyway it can grow faster with appropriate climate, soil, water and fertilizer. And can also grow much slower in a cold environment.

How to make Curly Bamboo : Curly Bamboo are not grown like what you see. Actually, lucky bamboo only grows straight. Therefore it need some special growing techniques to make it curl. There are several method to make it curl. one is that the growers keep the plants in a greenhouse, cover 3 sides so that only one side has bright light and let the plants grow naturally toward the light. Then manually rotate the plants periodically to produce the curl. Normally it take more than 6 month to make one loop or wavely curly bamboo for larger or more curly ones will take longer. The other one is using wire. But all methods are labour intensive processes.

Lucky Bamboo Flowers !! : Many people thought Lucky Bamboo never give flowers. Well, see the following pictures !!

Dracena Messengeana- Ti Tree plants

Dracena Messengeana- Ti Tree plants

Dracena Messengeana- Ti Tree plants

Sandriana- Plain, silver and two tone in towers

Sandriana- Plain, silver and two tone in top cuts

Sandriana- Plain, silver and two tone in towers

Sandriana- Plain, silver and two tone in Braided form

Sandriana- Plain, silver and two tone in top cut long stems

for floral decoration and display.



Sandriana Packing section

Sandriana Packing section

Lucky Bamboo display section

Curly Bamboo display


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