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Sphagnum Moss or "green gold", as it has been called , is an increasingly valuable export commodity. Sphagnum are primitive plants requiring only sunlight and water to thrive. The growth of Sphagnum Moss does not depend on the absorption of chemical nutrients, they have little food value and are not required to produce chemicals to deter potential predators. This "chemical neutrality" is one of the factors underlying the commercial value of sphagnum moss.

Sphagnum Moss also has the ability to retain water. The stem of the plant contains layers of water holding cells which enable the moss to retain water up to 20 times its own weight.

Because of the sterile and absorbent qualities, sphagnum has been used in the manufacture of products such as dressings amd infant bedding. When dried sphagnum has also been used as packing material for fragile goods, like crystal and china. The main commercial use of sphagnum is in horticulture, where it is used to retain moisture around the roots of plants or seed beds. It also provides layers of air in potting mixes, and it may be used to bind grafts.

Most of the sphagnum exported is used in orchid reproduction. Japanese horticulturally have perfected the technique of cloning orchids, and the cloned plants are wrapped in sphagnum as its absorbing qualities enable it to retain and release water and nutrients at the rate re- quired by the plants.

Price & Availability.
Mixed Grade __________FOB $US 12.00 per kg
B Grade uncleaned______ FOB $US 13.00 per kg
A Grade_______________FOB $US 16.00 per kg
AA Grade _____________ FOB $US 16.50 per kg
AAA Grade_____________FOB $US 18.50 per kg

Packed in 25 kg bails or 3 kg plastic packs. Please note there are additional costs associated with sphagnum moss; fumigation, process ing, freight, and others. There are 99 -25 kg bails per container.


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