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Thailand with the curent population of nearly 60 million and a total area of around 5.14 lakh square kilometers, is located in the humid tropical zone of South east Asia.Being suitable for cultivation of many tropical commercial crops and ornamentals, the country produces several ornamental cut-flower crops, such as , Orchids, Jasmine, Lotus, Marigold, Rose, Chrysanthemum, Aster, Gerbera, and Gladiolus, in respective decrasing order of Farm area.
Thailand has a long history of Orchid trade, especially for export.It is estimated that 54% of the orchids produced are exported and the rest 46% consumed in the domestic market.
Although Thailand is a natural habitat for several diverse species of Orchids, yet the interest to grow cultivars of economic value was first recorded in 1913 with the introduction of some exotic materials by a foreigner.Having got interetsed in Orchid growing the Prince Krompranakornsawanvorapinit got the orchid growing into a hobby and commercial interest.In 1934 Den.Pompodur was launched.The Orchid society of Thailand was formed under royal patronage in 1957 , by Rapee Sagarik who earlier became associated with growing and studying.
Tissue culture propagation and work on Orchids started in 1967 at the Chulalongkorn University and later spread to all the belts.
Bangkok and near by provinces where climate conditions and infrastructure exists today are centers of Orchid cultivation and an estimated area of 2300 hectares of Orchids are available.The other major centers are Nonthaburi, Ratchaburi, Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya, Pathumthani and Chonburi.

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The Main attractions here are
to name some three exotic locales.
We also happened to visit several leading orchid growers in different parts of the Orchid growing areas and recorded their farms as well as discussed witht them their orchid growing problems and business. Here we present a few case studies.
Some of my photographic explorations to the orchid farms and the gardens, with the help of Mr.Chaw Chin Sin of Genting who organised the same are featured in the linked pages.
Bonchoo Orchid Nursery
Visit to other Orchid farms

Thailand is very famous for its orchid species natural Habitat.It boasts of around 1000 species spread across several genera with endemism of certain varieties.Among the Hybrids grown and popularised here are the Dendrobiums, Arachnis, Aranthera, Aranda, Mokara, Oncidium, Vanda and alliances.....
Some of the exotic species are being detailed here in the Link below:


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